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Bitcoin wealth distribution 2019

bitcoin wealth distribution 2019Research shows Bitcoin is improving its wealth distribution versus , but among other cryptocurrencies big and small, the problem is getting. Distribution of bitcoin wealth exactly mirrors that of global wealth. of people living on earth, which is billion people as of April

Bitcoin wealth distribution 2019

As the result bitcoin wealth distribution 2019 current transaction fees, however, these users may be bitcoin wealth distribution 2019 to send payments with Bitcoin. Conversely, around 6.

Bitcoin wealth distribution 2019

While this distribution may be a positive sign that Bitcoin is bitcoin wealth distribution 2019 just for the wealthy, high transaction fees could pose an obstacle for small holders.

Earlier this year, Bitcoin transaction fees were quite lowmeaning that the asset was closer to being an effective, daily payment tool. bitcoin wealth distribution 2019

Bitcoin wealth distribution 2019

They are determined by factors bitcoin wealth distribution 2019 as how congested the Bitcoin blockchain is at the time the transaction is bitcoin wealth distribution 2019 place. The cost of bitcoin wealth distribution 2019 a Bitcoin transaction is not determined bitcoin wealth distribution 2019 the amount of money being sent.

This means that both small and large transactions can end up costing the same amount in fees.

Bitcoin wealth distribution 2019

Historically, this has made Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a great bitcoin wealth distribution 2019 to send large transactions, as the fee was often bitcoin wealth distribution 2019 cheaper than other modern payment methods.

While it may be encouraging to see so many small Bitcoin holders, high transaction fees could mean that many are unlikely to spend their BTC at the current point in time. Subscribe to the Longhash mailing list: Subscribe.

Bitcoin wealth distribution 2019

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