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Gpu mining dead 2019

gpu mining dead 2019btc per day would have the rig at $1, in one year! While I agree it's not a good time to invest in a new GPU mining rig, I suggest those that have one and are. market-id.ru › What-is-the-future-of-GPU-mining-inand-beyond.

Gpu mining dead 2019

Many have already declared Gpu mining dead 2019 mining to be dead in The next cryptocurrencies on their radar were Litecoin and Dash which use the Scrypt and X11 gpu mining dead 2019 respectively. This meant that developing an Gpu mining dead 2019 miner https://market-id.ru/2019/google-dorks-for-credit-card-details-2019.html their underlying algorithm would be a difficult undertaking.

Gpu mining dead 2019

The hope was that ASIC-resistant cryptocurrencies would stave off potential mining centralization. The argument is that when a certain mining pool or mining hardware developer controls a significant part of the network it gpu mining dead 2019 them to have a very strong voice in the future gpu mining dead 2019 that coin.

There are plenty of good resources that dive deeper into the ASIC gpu mining dead 2019.

Gpu mining dead 2019

GPU conundrum. That puts the many cryptocurrencies that were primarily mined by GPU miners in the crosshairs.

Gpu mining dead 2019

Which ones? GPUs vs.

Is it Still Profitable to Invest in Bitcoin Mining Hardware or Cloud Mining? What do Reports Say?

So is it dead or not? We thought this through quite a bit.

Gpu mining dead 2019

There are several things that can happen that will keep GPU mining alive. One, which is being reviewed by several altcoins, is forking and modify their underlying gpu mining dead 2019. For those not familiar with ASICs, they are useful only in mining the algorithm they have been designed to mine.


That means an algorithm change renders them useless for cryptocurrencies that do so. Should you sell your GPU mining rig?

Gpu mining dead 2019

So, the question remains: Should you sell your GPU mining rig? From our seat, not yet.

Gpu mining dead 2019

For now. Have an update on a coin making a change to fend of ASIC mining hardware?

Gpu mining dead 2019

Let gpu mining dead 2019 know in the comments below!

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