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Www beam portal

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Www beam portal

The flexible-leg installation structure comprises a flexible supporting leg body which is paired with a rigid https://market-id.ru/2019/tron-coin-2019.html leg, wherein two inverted-U-shaped supporting frames continue reading arranged on two sides of the flexible supporting leg body, two main beams www www beam portal portal the rigid supporting leg and the flexible supporting leg body are respectively and fixedly installed on the left inner side and the right inner side of www beam portal lower part of the supporting frames, a longitudinal beam which is vertical to an upper crossbeam is arranged below the upper crossbeam of the two supporting frames, and a flexible hinge device is www beam portal between the longitudinal beam and an https://market-id.ru/2019/betchan-bonus-codes-2019.html beam of the flexible supporting leg body.

The flexible-leg installation structure has the advantages that a structural form of one rigid supporting leg and one flexible supporting leg can be adopted for the large-span twin-beam portal crane with two cantilever beams, so that www beam portal problem that the large-span www beam portal crane with two cantilever beams cannot be provided with one rigid supporting leg and www beam portal flexible supporting leg can be solved, the deviation, torsion and additional torque of a steel structure article source the whole machine caused by unfavorable factors such as large-bending moment and large error can be born and solved, and the probability that a cart traveling wheel chews a rail can be greatly reduced.

Description Double girder gantry crane flexible tip top tv mounting structure Technical field The utility model relates to a kind of transfer crane parts, and specifically a kind of double girder gantry crane flexible leg mounting structure, belongs to elevator machinery technical field.

Www beam portal

Background technology Traditionally when hoisting crane is without cantilever or only have single-cantilever, and hoisting crane www beam portal is while www beam portal greater than 38m, conventionally one in two supporting legs is rigidly connected with girder, and this supporting leg is www beam portal to as rigid leg; Between girder, arrange one and link crossbeam, the below that links crossbeam is shelved on another root supporting leg by a poly-chloroprene rubber hinged-support, this supporting leg is referred to as flexible leg conventionally, existing this leg structure can only be for without cantilever or only have the transfer www beam portal of single-cantilever, when hoisting crane span is greater than 38m, www beam portal in the time of must being with two cantilever, existing scheme is no longer applicable.

Summary of the invention The technical problems www beam portal be solved in the utility model is to provide a kind of double girder gantry crane flexible leg mounting structure that can be applicable to www beam portal span band double cantilever beam.

Www beam portal

In order to solve the problems of the technologies described above, double girder gantry https://market-id.ru/2019/best-10-cryptocurrency-to-invest-2019.html of the present utility model flexible leg mounting structure, comprise the flexible leg body arranging in pairs with rigid leg, flexible leg body both sides are provided with source and are inverted U-shaped bracing frame, two girders between rigid leg and flexible leg body are fixedly mounted on respectively the inner side, two of left and right of bracing frame bottom, the below of the entablatrance of described two bracing frames is provided with one and the vertically disposed longeron of entablatrance, between longeron and the back timber www beam portal flexible leg body, is provided with flexible hinge device.

Described flexible hinge device comprises www beam portal the part that is arranged on the upper bracket of longeron bottom and is arranged on upper bracket bottom; Also comprise lower the part that is arranged on the undersetting on back timber top and is arranged www beam portal undersetting top, above prop up between part and a lower part and be provided with poly-chloroprene rubber.

Www beam portal

The length of the back link of described flexible leg body at least can www beam portal crane carriage freely pass through.

Between described flexible leg body and www beam portal, be provided with gap.

Between described flexible leg body and bracing frame, be provided with gap.

Www beam portal

The utility model has the www beam portal of: Owing to being inverted U-shaped bracing frame and the flexible hinge device of setting on the double-beam gantry hoisting crane of the two cantilevers of the applied to large span band https://market-id.ru/2019/how-high-will-bitcoin-go-in-2019.html, www beam portal double girder crane that has changed thus the two overarms of large span band in the past can only be applied the phenomenon of two rigid legs, the double-beam gantry hoisting crane of realizing the two cantilevers of large span band can adopt a rigid leg, the version of a flexible leg, the Gantry Crane that has solved large span band double cantilever beam is set thus a firm soft problem can not be set, can bear and dissolve large moment of flexure, the deflection that the unfavorable factors such as large deviation are brought complete machine steel structure, reverse, additional moment, effectively reduced the probability that large vehicle walking wheel is gnawed rail.

Accompanying drawing explanation Fig. The specific embodiment Below in conjunction with the drawings and specific embodiments, double girder bitcoin forums www beam portal crane of the present utility model is described in further detail with flexible leg mounting structure.

Www beam portal, the length of the back timber 6 of flexible leg body at least can make crane carriage freely pass through; Between flexible leg body 2 and www beam portal 4, be provided with gap, firm to meet, the soft wheel that sidles is when asynchronous, and the formed inverted L-shaped rigid frame of girder and rigid leg turns an angle in horizontal surface around the bearing of flexible hinge.

Www beam portal

Further between flexible leg body 2 and bracing frame 3, be also provided with gap, change when meeting girder because of lifting while there is downwarp to some extent, girder can relatively rotate by bearing and the flexible leg body of flexible hinge in vertical guide, bracing frame www beam portal have certain strength and stiffness, effectively to transmit the weight of girder deadweight, dolly deadweight and lifting object.

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Www beam portal

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