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Michael gokturk einstein

michael gokturk einsteinMichael Gokturk. Einstein Exchange Inc. CEO Michael Gokturk. Photo Chung Chow/Business in Vancouver. What happened: A court-appointed. Curated profile of Michael Gokturk, CEO, Einstein Exchange including career history, news and intelligence, portfolio companies and investments.

Michael gokturk einstein

He says his investment michael gokturk einstein, Michael gokturk einstein Exchange, michael gokturk einstein overwhelmed by more than 30, new clients. There are 21 Vancouver-based workers at the firm, serving a clientele that went michael gokturk einstein just 66 clients last September to 30, Michael gokturk einstein that surge of customers overwhelmed the small staff who were trying to verify customer identities and deal with website problems.

Michael gokturk einstein

The Einstein Exchange ended up at the centre of a storm michael gokturk einstein online criticism after a myriad of launch problems. Some feared they'd lost their money when the firm cut off new client registrations on Jan.

Michael gokturk einstein

The Einstein Exchange has infuriated hundreds of clients, but founders say they are fixing problems with the newcomer in the cryptocurrency trading market.

He's hired extra support staff to cut michael gokturk einstein wait times for service.

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He said he regrets not freezing registration earlier. I would be too," he said.

It depends whether each currency is defined as a legal security. The Michael gokturk einstein.

B.C. cryptocurrency exchange shuts doors owing more than $16M to customers

Michael gokturk einstein Commission BCSC is interested in any complaints, but makes no promises about taking action. Staff on the floor of the Einstein Exchange in Vancouver are scrambling to catch up after 30, clients registered in crypto mining profitable 2020 months.

New hires in Vancouver and Montreal are helping around the clock.

Michael gokturk einstein

But then his account froze. Michael gokturk einstein I'm a newbie.

Michael gokturk einstein

Perhaps I'm naive," he said. Hoffman was one michael gokturk einstein a half a dozen source CBC michael gokturk einstein who reported problems.

Michael gokturk einstein

Most did not michael gokturk einstein to be quoted. Cynthia Pace thinks she lost an opportunity to make thousands of dollars after she ran into problems trying to deposit money with a Vancouver cryptocurrency exchange's glitch-plagued system.

He shared his personal cell phone number with her.

Michael gokturk einstein

But she said nobody seemed michael gokturk einstein be able michael gokturk einstein get her account michael gokturk einstein work.

Of course they crashed and burned.

Michael gokturk einstein

Her account was closed after speaking to CBC, she said. But other clients lauded the company for fast service.

Michael gokturk einstein

He hopes to clear the backlog, reimburse any losses and rebuild trust. This is money.

Michael gokturk einstein

It's their hard-earned money and they're absolutely right.

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