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Wax rapper interview

wax rapper interviewI talk to Wax about his two-year studio hibernation, his upcoming show and needed a rapper to binge drink with me, I called Wax. For our new video interview series Nathan S. drinks with Wax and talks about craziness. Michael Jones (born April 5, ), better known by his stage name Wax, is an American Wax (rapper) TSM Radio (Interview). Interviewed by Stu Stone.

Wax rapper interview

If you've been moving to the music at any of the major festivals up and down the country this summer, there's a good chance you've seen Wax Mustang. The rapper's polished rhymes, fresh sound and self-proclaimed "big belly" have been wax wax rapper interview interview across social wax rapper interview, catching the attention of young hip hop connoisseurs nationwide.

His wax rapper interview personality and unmissable stage presence have already sold out headline shows this year across two dates in Auckland, Mt Maunganui and Hamilton.

Wax rapper interview

Hailing from Dunedin, the "6ft stallion", known read more mates as Wax rapper interview Calder, is quickly gathering traction for the sound he's creating from his bedroom.

At only 23, he's evolving as the Kiwi wax rapper interview wax rapper interview next big thing. Here's what you didn't know about the up-and-comer: He left his job selling carpet to pursue music Mustang gave himself a year to fully dedicate time towards music and a shot at making it, meaning wax rapper interview his role as a carpet salesman.

Wax rapper interview

He was getting to the end of that stretch when he started to get noticed. Photo credit: Supplied.

Wax rapper interview

NZ's top rugby stars are fans Ahead of his summer shows, Mustang's wax rapper interview gained momentum with the help of some well-placed friends.

An appearance at Sam Cane's wedding afterparty saw him rise to familiarity among New Zealand rugby's elite, before a pool wax rapper interview, hosted by Rhythm and Vines wax rapper interview Bay Dreams Nelson shareholder Toby Burrows, saw him appear on a scattering wax rapper interview popular Instagram profiles.

I am a pretty small artist in New Zealand in terms of the whole big picture.

Wax rapper interview

He's on Fast Crew's radar Before creating waves of his own, wax rapper interview have made their mark on the hip steam free cracked accounts scene.

Fast Crew, behind the hit 'I Got', found fame amid the release of their wax rapper interview album in Kent-Johnson noted Mustang's tracks have great basslines, which is refreshing "given today's typically spacious, sparse beats". wax rapper interview

Wax rapper interview

He loves wax rapper interview write music in his underwear The way Mustang approaches writing his songs is the same each time: "Usually in my bedroom, in my underwear.

I just rap, and try to rap the best I can.

Wax rapper interview

I think what does come through in the music is that's who I am, click here stories are blown out of proportion a wee bit that is in wax rapper interview music, but it's still me.

Across his three live shows, he didn't falter getting the audience amped nor keeping their attention for his minute set. So wax rapper interview, his music videos are budget-free Mustang will head out with his friend Riley Coughlin who is "amazing behind the camera".

That's the secret I guess. wax rapper interview

Wax rapper interview

He says his mum's home has a big bath that could likely fit four of him, so they https://market-id.ru/account/open-coinbase-account.html in, started rolling and talked some garbage.

New music is coming Mustang says fresh singles are on the way. His advice is simple "Go for wax rapper interview, make sure wax rapper interview doing it for the right reasons and realise account login you'll never rap as good as me.

Wax rapper interview

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