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10 rappen 1950

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Incredible double key date coin discovered in a roll of \

10 rappen 1950 Given that Switzerland has four official languages, the sub-unit of the Franc has 10 rappen 1950 different names; it is centime c. Some English-language catalogues call the click a 10 Rappen coin, but the English-language publications of the Swiss National Bank and Swissmint prefer the term 10 centimes.

On 10 rappen 1950 obverse it featured the Swiss Coat of Arms a rendering quite different from that on the One Centime and 10 rappen 1950 Centimes denominations released at the same time but designed by Alexander Hutteron two oak branches.

The 10 rappen 1950 link the value only a numeral, no text within a wreath of oak 10 rappen 1950.

Incredible old coin discovered in a roll of \

This 10 rappen 1950 reverse 10 rappen 10 rappen 1950 remained unchanged and is still here on current coins.

The first version was lighter 2. It was issued until and was demonetised on 30th June Inthe obverse was changed to a design by Karl Schwenzer featuring the effigy of 10 rappen 1950.

1950 B Schweiz 10 Rappen VF-EF

The metal was changed to 10 rappen 1950 and the coin became slightly heavier 10 rappen 1950 grams. Similar to other denominations, the 10 centimes were also issued in different metals read more their history: brass in 10 rappen 1950 demonetised on 1st January and a pure nickel type issued - which was demonetised on 1st January The copper-nickel version is still current, and the earliest of these coins are the oldest in the world legal tender still circulating.

Coins issued in have been in circulation for 70 years.

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